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Comedy Camouflage

Comedy Camouflage


When:  2016/2017

The impact of comedy, entertainment and the arts in World War I...


We worked alongside a group of passionate and creative high school students from various schools across Merseyside to look at the impact of comedy and the arts had in WW1. 

The weekly run project started in January 2017 and culminated with a fantastic and thought provoking exhibition and performance of the participants' own devising at the Museum of Liverpool in May 2017. Young people had the opportunity to learn alongside historians, physical theatre practitioners, directors, character development tutors and of course comedians to help the students in their creation of:

  • A vaudeville style performance that will be showcased to an audience

  • A transportable exhibition to display in the Museum of Liverpool, care homes and various venues across the city

  • Their very own silent movie which will be recorded and available in association with Tmesis Theatre Company

We would like to express our deepest thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for awarding us a grant to make this exciting and fun project possible for young people across Merseyside.

Heritage Lottery Funded




“I really enjoyed being a part of this project because I have learnt so much to help me with my drama and history GCSE and I have made some friends for life”


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