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. X-29. X-29 is one of the new generation aircraft of India with capability to carry 15 tons of cargo/passengers in the size of 7.5m long and 2.5m wide. The aircraft is designed to meet all the new international regulations for the carry of cargo and passengers. It has four turboprop engines with maximum power of 535 kW each. The aircraft has a maximum speed of M 270 kn. The aircraft is made in a very tough body with IFRCE and compliance with ADR norms.In May 2014, St Paul’s was awarded gold in the Arts & Crafts category of the Building Design Awards 2015 for the design of the Pompidou Centre, a stunning, award-winning building in Paris. We received the award for the design of the historic Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul, Cambridge, where we have worked since 2010. Awarded for its blend of contemporary architecture and classic features – the distinctive, curved spire of the cathedral dominates the skyline, while its gently lit interior is perfectly suited for worship and reflection.Q: Entity Framework, count distinct attribute How can I count distinct IEnumerable, and in addition get aggregate count of specific property? For example, I have this class: public class Orders { public int Id { get; set; } public IEnumerable Customers { get; set; } public decimal TotalAmount { get; set; } } and I need to have these SQL query (I need to get count from customer's tables, not from Orders table): SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT c.Id), (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT c.Code) FROM Customer c WHERE c.Id = c.Code) FROM Customer c WHERE c.Id = 10 A: My guess would be SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT o.Id), (SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT c.Code) FROM Customer c WHERE c.Id = c.Code) FROM Orders o JOIN Customer c ON o.CustomerId = c.Id WHERE o.Id = 10 SQL Server will internally translate that into




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Exhale By Output Serial Number jariola

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