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Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS)has rehabilitated more than 1.78 million amputees and polio patients by fitting / providing artificial limbs (Jaipur Foot variety), calipers, and other aids and appliances, mostly in India and also in 27 countries across the world.

A functional below-knee prosthesis looks like a normal limb, allowing for the range of movement required for normal human locomotion. The total contact socket provides better sensory feedback to the wearer and prevents edema

Above knee prostheses consist of five main components which allow the knee to bend, transmit weight and provide the individual with the potential to walk and include

The Stanford-Jaipur Knee is a new invention. It is based on the polycentric concept and is designed using the four-bar linkage geometry.

The Visionand mission of BhagwanMahaveerViklangSahayataSamiti (BMVSS)is to ensure the physical, economic and social rehabilitation of the disabled, to enable them to regain their mobility and dignity and become self-respecting and productive members of society, ie, in short, restoring the glory of life. Provide prosthetics or artificial limbs, calipers and other physical aids and appliances, free of charge, to as many disabled people as possible through its centers, outreach programs and rehabilitation camps, both in India and abroad.

Provide economic support for livelihood (on selective basis) as an anti-alleviation program


Jaipur Foot

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