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Five Funny British Habits

We know that Brits love to have a good old chuckle at ourselves, so for this week's Chuckle Tuesday post we want to look at the five funniest British habits!

1. Apologising profusely even when it's not your fault - This is a big one. In fact the word 'sorry' is probably the most used word for the average Brit. I once apologised to someone when it was them pushing into me.

2. We spend the majority of our lives waiting in queues - Why is there a queue for absolutely everything? Nevertheless queuing is the epitome of British etiquette. If there's one thing we know how to do, its Q. Here's a picture of Ed Sheeran fans who have CREATED THEIR OWN QUEUE SYSTEM.

3. Our unhealthy obsession with tea - I am sat writing this while sipping of my Yorkshire Tea. That says it all.

4. Telling the barber/hairdresser you LOVE your hair - When it really looks like this... And then proceed to sob as soon as you leave the shop.

5. Not quite catching someones name, meaning you can never talk to them again - Goodbye forever.

If you have any other funny British habits? Comment below or Tweet us @TheComedyTrust



This week our #ChuckleTuesdayChoice is... This video of a delivery man taking a break to take pictures with these doggos! We strongly relate to this man. Click on the image to see the full video!


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