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A Happier, Healthier Workplace

Imagine a workplace, without the workers. No we're not talking about the new age replacing humans with robots, we're looking at the foundations and roots of organisations across the world. The people who make it all possible.

To take care of our organisations we must take care of those who make that organisation function. As passionate advocates for positive mental health and wellbeing in all aspects of life, we understand that the workplace is most certainly included in that, but why do we neglect it so much? Working is a part of every day life yet still we seem disregard it. Yes we remember to train staff on the latest software and help them improve their customer services skills but are we training in the right areas to improve business growth and functionality?

Take a glance at the impact of poor mental health

in UK businesses:

Workplace Mental Health Statistics

As you can see from the alarming statistics surrounding mental health in the workplace, action must be taken to improve conditions and protect employees across the country. The main areas that we feel should be addressed are training of managers, employees, introduction of practises and tools to minimise the gap felt between staff and their managers.

The Comedy Trust are working to tackle this by offering organisations training opportunities that not only improve the wellbeing of your staff but create lasting connections with employees from across your organisation.

Our Health and Wellbeing in the workplace workshops teach staff how to use laughter and humour as a tool to build resilience, boost morale, combat stress, increase wellbeing. create empathy between colleagues, break down barriers faced when discussing delicate topics to managers and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

This training experience allows all members of your organisation to take part together allowing the introduction of a non-judgemental, open and friendly environment.

Take action today by introducing training, tips and techniques into your organisation.


"Laughter stimulates the release of good hormones in your brain, which can improve your immune system and reduce stress. Taking part in a comedy or laughter workshop can therefore not only help to de-stress staff but can impact the overall morale of the team and workplace."


Other resources to improve workplace mental health:

Employers Pledge to Improving Mental Health: Time to Change's campaign to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Make your pledge today. Mental Health First Aid Training: Do your staff have first aid training? Ever heard of mental health first aid? Head on over to Re:Think Mental Illness for their affordable and extremely beneficial courses in mental health first aid training

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