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Laughing My Anxiety Off

From day to day we are seeing more people step forward to shine a light on mental health issues that they experience and we all know, mental health isn't pretty, it's not something to be idolised but it does sure make for some awkward and funny situations!

So with that in mind I've put together a list of five weird and wonderful things that anxiety makes me do to give you all a much needed chuckle on this week's #ChuckleTuesday.

Hiding under tables from visitors is my favourite pass time!

That's right, when things get tough, DUCK AND COVER. This was probably quite cute when you're a little kid but I don't think it would work so well in your mid 20's accidentally pulling the Christmas dinner to the floor to hide from your Nan shuffling into the room, so settling to playing with your hands and clothes seem like a good idea!

Awkwardness leads to fiery hair

No, we're not talking about kick ass mermaid hair, more of the singed variety. In a social gathering of friends and family, everyone's having a great time, there's a buffet on offer nothing to go a miss, drinks and lots of laughter. Despite all of the tasty treats on offer anxiety likes to be the nagging lady on the bus in the back of your mind. So what happens, feeling a bit awkward you play with your hands, clothes and unfortunately at this time hair. One swish leads to a very awkward hot mess as fire crawls up your noggin. Note to self, stay away from large candles at dinner parties.

Talking to yourself? How about anxiety talking to you...

Me: Oh what a lovely day today, sun is shining, just finished work, all is great! Anxiety: But is it? You remember that time 10 years ago approximately at 9.43 am that really awkward thing and it clearly shows you're a failure Me: No stop it! You will not ruin this day Anxiety: Aww come on hear me out, you know I'm right!

Me: ....oh yeah, that was awkward *Spends the majority of the day contemplating the level of failure after dropping the dinner tray in the dinner queue at primary school and covering the teacher in pudding*

Remember your keys, or just try to remember in general

You've finished getting ready, hair done, clothes on, teeth brushed, lunch in the bag. Everything is turned off great! Let's go! *closes door* ....Oh no, I think I've left my straighteners on *carries on walking* oh maybe I haven't, I swear I remember turning it off, the light wasn't on *but what if the house burns down, it'll be all your fault, you need to check* no, I've done this 4 times already this week it's definitely off *well it'll be all of your fault when you have no house left*...... What feels like 1 hour of deliberating in your head

Turn back, put your work bag down, see the switch is OFF. *sigh of relief* take a double take because you can never be so sure! Right it's definitely off, off I go. *closes door*

OH NO I forgot my bag, looks for keys in pocket.....yep, you guessed it. In the bag. Happy Monday everyone!

Humans, ugh!

Human interaction can be an ordeal when experiencing social anxiety. Not because humans are scary, well at Halloween we can be but just general, human life is a no go. So when you encounter the species we call humans your brain decides to move into overdrive talking turns into a chore. From calling your teacher Mum to the dreaded conversation loop How're you? Good thanks you? I'm good thanks, how're you?..., anxiety definitely makes for an interesting conversation.

So I hope you enjoyed a little insight to the giggle worthy awkwardness I experience on a daily basis, battling anxiety is not an easy fight but each and every day it becomes a little easier, everyday we should work to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness by making the topic accessible and relateable and I hope this post has done just that!

If you are experiencing poor mental health or are concerns for another's wellbeing please get in touch with the following services: Mind: 0300 123 3393 | NHS: 111 Papyrus Hope Line: 0800 068 4141 |

Anxiety UK: 08444 775 774


"Me trying to do my calculations to prove that all my friends secretly hate me and are plotting against me"


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