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Scouse For Dummies

In light of all students descending back into Liverpool like a scene out of the Walking Dead (hide the pot noodles, they're coming!) we thought we'd put together the life saving guide to all things Scouse with our Scouse Dictionary.

My head's proper mashed here lid...

My mental health is currently slightly below par my good fellow

I'm Made Up

I'm feeling joyous

Meff Someone of questionable taste and cleanliness

Bevvy Drink (Beverage)


To conclude prematurely

Go ed

Please, do continue


Above average

Swerve that


Yer Mar I wish to continue this discussion but have no verifiable content to offer

Cob On

Frustrated......i.e. He's got a cob on

Gegging In

The ultimate act of intrusion, becoming part of something which does not concern you

Me kecks

My trousers.....try not to get scared in the menswear department if someone compliments your kecks.


This is utterly devastating



We hope this has opened your eyes to the world of scouse, there's plenty more to come trust us! We'll be at the LJMU Freshers Fayre next week, we can't wait to meet you all.



Of course it has to be Billy! Take a look at local legend Billy and his take on scouse lingo


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