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Top 10 British Phrases Explained

1. "Would you like a cuppa?" - A classic and polite question asking whether the other person would like a cup of tea, but with the hopes they will reply no.

2. "The other day..." - This could mean anytime from birth to today.

3. "I got a bit tipsy last night." - Translation: "I spent the night in a cell for being drunk and disorderly."

4. "Lets get smashed." - Translation: "Lets get extremely drunk and do something incredibly stupid."

5. "You know what I mean?" - This question does not need a direct answer but is more of a conversation filler, if you know what I mean.

6. "That's a bit dear." - Translation: "That is far too expensive and were not buying it."

7. "Are you having a laugh?" - Translation: "Are you being serious?"

8. "I was absolutely gutted." - Not a gruesome phrase but means to be upset or disappointed.

9. "Bobs you uncle" - Bob may or may not be your uncle but this phrase is usually said after an instruction and means "There you are."

10. "It's not my cup of tea." - Not a literal cup of tea, translation: "It's not really my type of thing."


This week our Chuckle Tuesday Choice has to be chef, Gordon Ramsay, giving his opinion on people's meals on Twitter.

Have a look at some of our favourites...



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