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The Comedy Fan Bucket List

Goodafternoon Tuesday and a very big welcome for another one of our Chuckle Tuesday weekly blogs. So we were sat here pondering what to cover this week for #ChuckleTuesday and of course it came to us, THE COMEDY BUCKET LIST (capital letters required for X-Factor voice style reading)

So let's get cracking, here's our top ten to do's for every comedy fan!

1. Get down to a live show: If you haven't already, get yourself down to a live comedy show, you never know who you're going to see! Be in a room sharing the giggles with the next up and comers!

2. Comedy Festivals are calling!*Get yourself down to a comedy festival, we can assure they will fulfil every comedy burning desire and wish you will ever have from family friendly shows to on the nose satirical galore, you'll find giggle generators for everyone. cough* The Liverpool Comedy Festival *cough* is back *cough* on the 15th Sep - 1st Oct. *cough* ...... Oh excuse us! I think we're coming down with a cold.

3. Sitcom Sitdown: Yes, that's right, get your duvet and treats at the ready for a Sitcom Sitdown, by that we mean a jam packed binge watch of your favourite sitcoms. Perfect for those gloomy days that need an extra sprinkle of laughter, you can even class it as your workout for your stomach muscles for the day. Win win!

4. Venture into comedy club: Nothing beats venturing down into the catacombs of a comedy club, the home of that perfect comedy charm. While we're on the subject we're spoilt for choice in Liverpool with 3 fully catered comedy clubs for funny fans.

5. Try a hand at comedy: You've seen how it's done, laughed till your stomach cried in pain and heckled so much you're yodelling insults how about trying it for yourself? Whether that's a comedy writing workshop or even a Stand-Up comedy course, take to the mic and show us what you've got!

6. Movie Madness: We've already mentioned a sitcom binge but movies are just as rib tickling! No we don't just mean watching all the Police Academy's in one go, how about mixing it up? Have a sly watch of Shrek followed by a couple Charlie Chaplin films just to make yourself feel less guilty for cackling along to Donkey's sassy attitude.

7. Selfie Smelfie: No selfie is complete without a comedian's smug grin! Whether that's a picture from good old John from the pub who cracks a good joke from time to time or your favourite TV name that'll be a memory to treasure!

8. Get those reading glasses on: How about diving into a good book, no don't go diving with the book, soggy stories are not recommended. Whether that's a biography, autobiography, mystery, chick flick or book full of funny poems, there's plenty to tantalise your humorous taste buds.

9. Do you want to play a game?: No we're not talking another rendition of a SAW the movie, but leaning more towards games such as Cards of Humanity, Funny or Die or even Scrabble. there's plenty of laughs to be had.

10. Broaden your horizons: That's right, us as humans go with what we know, we're all guilty of it! That chocolate cheesecake from the restaurant menu you've ordered 456 times before because you know it tastes glorious and won't risk buying a different one, we know we know. It's definitely time you tried out of the norm by venturing into different forms of comedy! Whether that's Improv, Sketch, Slapstick, Deadpan, Satirical, Spoof, Stand-Up, Magic or even Musical Comedy and Theatrical Comedy. I'm sure you'll find a new found favourite.



Meanwhile across the waters in America, dogs trapped in hot cars are taking matters into their own hands as this little whizz manages to take a hold of the wheel and crash the car into a supermarket.


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