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“Yeah, Well My Sisters Goldfish Studied at Yale”

This evenings Feeling Funny Youth Club focussed on sketch comedy. As a group we discussed our favourite sketch comedians and what makes them funny. Why do they make us laugh and what inspiration can we take from them? Well turns out, a lot. Everyone in a short two wrote three sketches together focussing on one of the funniest forms of sketch. The Spoof.

After a discussion of quiz shows and a group viewing of Mitchell and Webbs ‘Numberwang’ (amazing) we decided to take inspiration and make spoof sketches of quiz shows as well! But how? Well, John Wright the clown tutor tells us that ‘games work because they give us rules and restrictions, not rules to live by, just to make things happen’. So we found the rules and played a game of how to break them creatively to make it funny! What things do we expect from a game show? Contestants, Questions, Ben Shephard. Some rules that we identified, then we split into two groups, figured out how we can break those rules and things started to happen! Simples. We ended up with sketches that included ‘Countdown on a Budget’, ‘The Open University attending university Challenge’ and ‘Bradley Walsh chasing a 78 Year Old woman named Margaret’. Rules were bent and funny things happened at the club this week! Our next session will be on the 6th of March when we will explore a new corner of comedy and see what we can come up with. Come and join the rebellion, break some rules and eat copious amounts of biscuits (Our supply is depleting fast.).

Cameron. Workshop Leader.


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