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Three Dragons and a Friend

This week comedian and sketch comedy extraordinaire James Meehan came along to the club to create some funny with us all. We settled on creating a sketch together, this time thinking about what might be the funniest pitch we could create for Dragons Den. What did we come up with? Well you’ll have to come and join us to find out.

We played with characters and had a laugh re-creating some well known stories. The main thing that James taught us all is just how much of a laugh it can be to sit together in a room, chat about things that we find funny, then get up and mess about until something sticks! We created a whole sketch with nothing but ourselves, in a room, with some chairs and copious amount of biscuits! What more you could want? Thanks James for coming along and if you feel like you’re missing out, then you better get yourself to the next session, we can even show you 100% of our new Dragons Den sketch for £0 investment! ITS FREE. So don’t say ‘I’m out’ and get yourself down on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Get in touch here if you want to come and have a laugh and make some new funny mates: | 0151 702 5893


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