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Fundraise with The Comedy Trust!

The Comedy Trust have the perfect package for charities, schools and organisations to raise funds for their organisation....This isn't like your typical sponsored bike ride or run, now you can be sponsored for Stand-Up whilst giving back to your volunteers helping them improve their confidence, self-esteem and public speaking skills. Here's Donna's experience on the Wirral Mencap fundraising programme:

My first encounter with The Comedy Trust was meeting the hilarious Sam Avery through a wonderful charity called Wirral Mencap, which is dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities in my local area.


At the time, a colleague and I had been recruited to take part in a fundraising stand-up comedy event and we had no idea what to expect. Neither of us had done stand-up comedy before and we did not think of ourselves as ‘funny’. However, it was on both of our bucket lists. It was also a great way to get involved with some fundraising and despite the fact I was apprehensive in the beginning, I was also looking forward to taking part.

I think everyone was a little nervous during the first workshop. Nobody knew anyone else but as it turns out we were all friendly and eager when it came to our common goal. That first session was the building block for the next couple of weeks and as the sessions progressed, these strangers became the most encouraging and supportive people I have met in a long time.

I feel that part of that was due to our comedy overlord Sam Avery. During each session, Sam generated a positive and ‘safe’ setting in which we could talk and try out new ideas without fear of reprisal. Sam had this amazing talent for helping you pick out the material in your own life and converting it into something hilarious. It was wonderful to see how even the shyest of people’s confidence develop week after week. I can honestly say there was not a time after each of the workshops that I didn’t leave smiling.

If you have ever considered the possibility of stand-up comedy, I would say this course is for you. Not only did it teach me some amazing skills, it also gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me to conquer my own anxiety with public speaking. It is also great fun and amazingly cathartic. You’ll find yourself chuckling after each workshop at something you’ve heard. I promise the huge sense of achievement you get from performing at the comedy event is a great feeling and an excellent reward.

For more information on our fundraising programme please get in touch by emailing


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