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Week Three - Blogging Heaven


Hello again! This week was all about BLOGGING. Since I run my own personal blog, it is amazing that I can continue to practice my blogging and writing skills during my internship. I have also been able to utilise blogging platforms such as WordPress and Wix, it has been useful comparing to the two platforms because both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

This week was the launch of our new and exciting project - Chuckle Tuesdays! #ChuckleTuesdays are going to be a series of blog posts aimed to fulfil your weekly dose of chuckles, every Tuesday of course! This is a great opportunity to continue honing my writing skills as well as providing you all with absolute comedy gold. Chuckle Tuesdays will also include a 'Chuckle Tuesday Choice'. These will incorporate funny and trending pictures and posts which intend to make you laugh!

Check out the first blog post of #ChuckleTuesdays right here!

I also had the chance to go along to the Feeling Funny Club to find out more about the work The Comedy Trust do. I wrote a separate blog post revealing all my thoughts right here!



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