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Week Ten - Here, There, Everywhere

Hello there! Since The Comedy Trust were busy moving offices this week, I got to do a number of exciting different things out of the office.

Firstly, it was great to go along to the Stroke Associations Feeling Funny performance on the 24th of May, especially after seeing the participants previously practise their routines with the workshops tutors. Watching the performances was amazing and they genuinely had the whole room laughing! I helped with recording the standup comedy routines and taking pictures of both the crowds and performers. These will all be put together to create a video showcasing the Stroke Association's time with The Comedy Trust and how the experience was beneficial to them. In the same week, I also made an appearance to the Museum of Liverpool on the 27th of May, where the Heritage Lottery Fund had an exhibition. The exhibition showcased the work young people had carried out in relation to comedy and the war. The group had silent movies to show the audience as well as their very own performances. I recorded the groups performances and the reactions of the audiences and helped out with the general organisation of the day.

Finally, I kept up to date with the weekly Chuckle Tuesday blog post, which was on my time at Cosmic Comedy in Berlin, which you can read right here!



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