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Week Seven


Hello everyone! As we approached Mental Health Awareness Week (8th - 14th May 2017) it was important that we had our social media channels in place ready to Stand Up to Stigma! I used TweetDeck to queue tweets relating to Mental Health Awareness Week as well as mental wellbeing in general. I also worked on The Comedy Trust's Pinterest page where you can find boards on mental health, self-care and some funny pins! If you're interested in giving us a follow our username is The Comedy Trust.

This week I sent off my first ever press release to our press contacts in our external database! The press release was about the launch of the new website which I sincerely hope you have all had a look at, it looks amazing!

Furthermore, Chuckle Tuesday blog post this week was on celebrities speaking out about mental health - if you missed it you can catch it here! And finally as we slowly but surely approach Liverpool Comedy Festival, me and Charlene have been brainstorming some ideas to create more conversation on Twitter while the festival. So be prepared for some fun and freaky hashtags and get involved!



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