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Week Eight Mate


Hello everyone, as you are probably awareness this week was all about Mental Health Awareness Week! Therefore it was an important opportunity to drive social media posts in this way, in order to create more conversation about our mental wellbeing and end the stigma surrounding mental health. It was great to see social media platforms such as Twitter filled with posts and information relating to the importance of mental health! But also served as a reminder that this conversation needs to continue even after Mental Health Awareness Week.

This week at The Comedy Trust was very exciting because it was the launch of the next website and incorporated blog! Therefore all you lucky people can view the beautiful new site and these amazing weekly blog posts. Since the whole blog has been moved I spent the morning polishing off some previous blog posts. For example, adding hyperlinks where they're needed.

I also finished designing the Liverpool Comedy Festivals quarterly mail out using MailChimp. I have noticed that over my time at my internship I have become a lot quicker and find it easier to design mail outs as well as blog posts.

Finally, I wrote a Chuckle Tuesday blog posts which was 'The Comedy Trust's Top British Sitcoms', if you want to find out our favourite sitcoms or discuss your own click right here!


I then added lots of social media posts relating again to Mental Health Awareness Week


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