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My Time At The Comedy Trust

Hello everyone!

I have just finished my Marketing and PR internship at The Comedy Trust. Needless to say it was the most amazing experience and I have learnt marketing skills which will vastly help me in the future.

During my time at The Comedy Trust I have seen the launch of our Chuckle Tuesday blog posts, which bring you your daily dose of giggles. Chuckle Tuesday was great for me to hone in my skills as a blogger. Sam and Charlene knew I had a keen interest in blogging and so the launch of Chuckle Tuesday was a great way to improve my skills and also learn more about mental health and wellbeing. I wrote posts like 'Celebrities Speak Out About Mental Health' and, I like to think, improve my comedic skills through posts such as 'Top 10 British Phrases Explained'.

One aspect of my internship which I really enjoyed was filming various courses and making films in Premiere Pro. For example, I helped to film the Feeling Funny course with the Autism Hub, the Stand Up For The Stroke Association final performances and the WW1 Comedy Project. This was a great chance to see the impact the courses had on the participants, I saw first-hand how much a group opened up and embraced their task. For me this was my favourite part of the internship.

Furthermore, I have learnt skills which I never even had experience with beforehand. For example, I can confidently write press releases and make email newsletters to send out to our subscribers.

I also really enjoyed handling The Comedy Trust's various social media accounts. From Facebook posts, to queuing Tweets and even starting The Trust's Pinterest page, it has been great seeing which kind of content creates more conversation.

Overall, the internship has been incredibly uplifting and I want to say a BIG thank you to both Charlene and Sam for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing organisation and teaching me skills for the future!



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