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Mental Health Sick Day

I recently stumbled upon an article in which a CEO's response to a woman's mental health sick day went viral. Madalyn Parker sent out an office email explaining that she would be taking time off to look after her mental health, and her CEO, Ben, responded in a refreshing and amazing way...

The Tweet went viral, and rightly so. The story also got me thinking more about how when we are physically sick it can be quite easy to ring where we work and say we are not feeling well due to our sniffling noses or harsh coughs. However, when we are having an off day in terms of our mental wellbeing, it is difficult to do the same.

Nevertheless, it is important to realise that mental health is just as important as our physical health, and therefore mental health sick days are equally as important as taking the day off for having the flu.

Perhaps you need a day off to recharge your batteries and to practise self care. Or rather taking a day to be proactive and keep on top of things when your mental wellbeing is having a dip. Either way, we should never feel guilty for needing a day to improve our mental health and wellbeing, in fact it is amazing to openly reveal this about our mental health.

I think we all must take a leaf out of CEO Ben's book, and start caring about ourselves and our employees mental health.



This week our Chuckle Tuesday Choice is this adorable this puppy getting all excited about a tennis ball. This is us around cake...


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