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Nikki’s Blog! Internship – Week 3

Hey everyone! I am now on Week 3 with The Comedy Trust and I cannot believe how much I have learned over the past few weeks.

Day 5 – October 20th

I began my day by logging onto the social media sites and scheduling some tweets. I realised that there was no National Days that I could talk about so I used it to discuss comical films. I decided to use this as a theme of the day so I asked our followers which films do they find funny and gained responses. I also posted lots of pictures with quotes from famous comedies such as Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and Annie Hall. I did this because by posting pictures from famous films that people are likely to have seen and this begins to create a dialogue with our followers.

I also tweeted quotes from the kids at Deyes High about their experiences on the ‘Stand Out’ course. This is a great way for followers to hear first-hand feedback about our courses and what the participants think and how it has helped them. I scheduled the feedback over the next few days so the account is not overwhelmed with lots of tweets at the same time.

Because I did not attend any workshops today, I thought it would be good to write an opinion piece on ‘Comedy In Film’. Writing this piece made me aware of how important comedy is as I realised that they are used to critique the current society but in a way where it is made accessible to a mainstream audience.

Day 6 – October 21st

Since it is not a National Day of significance, I thought that I would look at the monthly significance and saw that it is National Sarcastic Month (not that I need a month to motivate my sarcastic nature haha). I thought that I would use this a great way to interact with followers by tweeting quotes from famously sarcastic Friends character, Chandler Bing. I have scheduled several tweets with pictures and quotes in the hope that followers will interact with their famous sarcastic quotes and/or hilarious Chandler Bing moments.

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in Friends

I have also used The Comedy Trust Instagram account for the first time and posted the picture from the Broadgreen International School show on there and I will also be posting the picture from the Deyes High School show as well. Because Instagram is the most popular media site amongst younger people, it means that the kids can comment on the post and show it to their friends.

This week has been great as I developed confidence in using the social media sites and also learning how important it is to interact with followers. Also, incorporating trendy and popular topics is something that I have been able to do.


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