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Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 6

I am now halfway through my internship and really happy with the amount of skills that I am picking up each week. There is always something new or different and things that I can improve.

Here’s what I got up to:

Day 11 – November 17th

I started today by writing a blog post for International Men’s Day which is on Saturday 19th November. I scheduled the post to be published on that day on the blog site as well as scheduling posts on the Facebook and Twitter accounts. After doing this, I typed up some Facebook and Twitter posts on our ‘Comedy Course for Beginners’ as today was all about promoting our courses and letting people know what we do. I also had a list of events to promote and scheduled them so there were a lot of Tweets ready to go up over the next few months. They mainly revolved around upcoming workshops and shows.

I also used today to promote previous blog posts such the ‘National Stress Awareness Day’ piece that I did a few weeks back. I think that it is important to reiterate the importance of acceptance. Even though we have specific days to highlight awareness for particular issues, it is vital that the kindness and awareness exceeds the specified day. As well as tweeting serious posts, I think it is important to inject some comedy in there so people who are not familiar with us will engage with us on that surface level before learning the serious side of the charity.

Day 12 – November 18th

I began my day by writing a blog on our ‘Stand Out’ course. This is because we have received funding for a World War I Comedy Project which we are going to carry out through our ‘Stand Out’ course. I posted the blog on both of our Twitter and Facebook sites. I also spent today posting previous blog posts again on the Twitter site which has gained a lot of attention, as well as posting funny tweets about the weather. I put a heavier emphasis on the previous blog posts, but the response in general was great.

I then spent the last few hours editing the promotional video that I have been working on for the last few weeks using footage that I took at the ‘Well Funny’ session. Learning how to edit videos has been the most challenging and fun part of this internship so far. The video itself is under 2 minutes, but it feels really rewarding knowing that it is ready to go up on YouTube channel. It is definitely a skill that I want to develop more and get good at.

Overall, this week has been really great as I have been continuing to promote the charity and there has been lots of traffic on our social media sites. I am looking forward to my video being put up on YouTube next week and being able to promote it.


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