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Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 9

This week has been the most exciting one so far because we launched our #ComedyCracker Christmas campaign. I have been super busy editing and adding the finishing touches to the campaign to make it as successful as possible. Here’s what I got up to:

Day 17 – December 8th

Today was all about finishing the video and putting it up on our social media sites. I was happy with the footage that I had edited but needed to film a couple of segments with Sam where he outlines the campaign so I can place them at the start and the end of the video. I quickly added those segments in and was very pleased with the result. We decided to place a Christmas themed graphic at the start of the video to draw people in and to highlight the festivity of the campaign. I have never used Photoshop before so I found it very tricky at first but I managed to navigate my way around the software and was very pleased with the result. I learned how to resize a border to fit, how to change the colour of the logo and ensuring that the overall effect is appropriate for the video. After completing the graphic, I inserted it at the start of the video.

I then had to choose the music that would play throughout the video. Unlike the ‘Well Funny’ video, I could keep the volume the same due to the video having jokes spoken throughout. I chose a jolly and uplifting theme that I think really highlights the mood of the campaign and what we want to get across.

After looking back several times to make sure that everything was in place and coherent, I exported the video and uploaded it to YouTube. It was really exciting writing about the campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages as the campaign has been really fun to take part in. I scheduled a few tweets to get the campaign started and received a lot of notifications.

Day 18 – December 9th

Today is all about promoting the campaign on our sites and trying to get as many organisations around Liverpool to take part. This campaign is not only about spreading laughter, but showcasing how great a city Liverpool is.

I have been promoting the campaign on Twitter with a graphic that explains a step-by-step guide of how to take part and we have received a lot of notifications and we are beginning to receive participants. I am sure that this campaign will be a success because who doesn’t love a good cracker joke?

I am really excited to see where this campaign goes and I hope it puts a smile on everyone’s face. By incorporating local businesses and organisations as well as comedians who took part in the Liverpool Comedy Festival, we are hoping to show that this campaign really is for everyone and it is all a bit of festive fun!

You can send us your videos, comments or tweets on our social media pages. Hope you enjoy being a #ComedyCracker!


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