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Nikki's Blog! Comedy at Christmas

It is the beginning of December and it’s now acceptable to talk about the C word… Christmas of course! Christmas is a time of year where we can spend time with our loved ones and treat them to all the presents that the high street has to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity and don’t have a family or friends to spend Christmas with. It is that time of year where we find ourselves grateful for what we have and try to better ourselves through helping people in need through generosity. Christmas is about giving people the love and support that they need.

The most important aspect of Christmas is making people smile. As discussed in my previous blog post on comedy and laughter, there are many benefits that can help brighten a person’s day such as reducing anxiety and depression, boosting confidence and self-esteem and helping dealing with anger.

Christmas is a time to be more considerate to people and appreciate that not everyone is as lucky as you and may be struggling. Striking up conversation with someone may do wonders for their mental health and well-being. The ‘Christmas Spirit’ is a very real thing as Christmas is a time when people are more likely to be more generous towards those in need. The act of giving to others is at its highest this time of year. With more and more people facing homelessness each month, it’s so important that we stretch this ‘Christmas Spirit’ to last the entire year.

Liverpool is known for being vibrant and friendly and filming our ‘Cracking’ Christmas Campaign (which launches next week!) has showcased this. Our aim this Christmas is to spread happiness and laughter through comedy and I think our campaign has done this successfully.

Of course lots of people use Christmas as a time to stock up on the latest fashions and technology, but in the famous words from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas:

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”


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