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Nikki's Blog - Making the 'Well Funny' video

If you follow my weekly blog you will be aware that over the past few weeks, I have been creating a video about the ‘Well Funny’ workshop that I attended in my second week. At the workshop, I used the camera for the first time and collected footage of some of the exercises as well as capturing some interviews with participants. Since it was my first time using the camera, I encountered some difficulties initially such as making sure that I don’t move the camera around too much. I managed to get lots of footage from different angles from observing the exercises from the side of the room, walking round the groups and filming the interviews. Looking back at the footage, I was very pleased with what I filmed. There were plenty of clips that I could cut down and edit into a video.

Video editing is not something that I have tried before and using the Adobe software was the most challenging part of my internship so far. I watched a YouTube video that gave a basic insight into using the Premiere Pro software and found it extremely helpful. I watched all the clips that I had filmed and knew which ones I needed for my video. I was able to cut them down and order them how I see fit. I thought that it would be a good idea to constantly shift between a clip of interview and a clip of the groups in discussion. This way, it means that the skills gained from the workshop are being brought up throughout the video rather than just at the end.

After ordering the videos around, I had to create credits for the end of film which took some time as it was quite difficult. I watched another instructive YouTube video which helped me and was able to complete the credit reel in a short amount of time. After this, it was important to choose a piece of music that highlighted the upbeat atmosphere of the workshop and was also Copyright Free. I found the perfect track and credited the artist in the credits.

I am excited for the video to be put on our YouTube channel. Even though this was the most challenging aspect of my internship so far, it was also by far the most rewarding. I look forward to improving my editing skills and getting used to using the software more.


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