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Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 7

This week has seen me bring the skills that I have gained throughout my internship and start to put them into practice. This is what I got up to:

Day 13 – November 24th

I started today by checking the social media sites and typing up some funny tweets and some links to previous to blog posts as well. This was popular with our followers and we garnered lots of notifications. I then spent the rest of the day working on the ‘Well Funny’ video that I have been working on. I realised that it needed a few tweaks before exporting and edited it to a standard that I am very proud of. After working on the video for an hour, I learned how to export the video and ensuring that it is high quality in sound and picture. I wrote a blog post about my experiences making the video, speaking about the challenges and rewards that the video editing experience has given me.

Day 14 – November 25th

Today, I spent the morning researching articles that The Comedy Trust and Liverpool Comedy Festival have been featured in. It is important to be aware of how much press awareness the company has and it also gives us a chance to see how far across the UK we have reached. There was a lot of local awareness which is great as it shows the impact the charity has within the local community.

I then began to plan our Christmas Campaign which allows me to bring all the skills developed over the past month and put it into practice. Because I have never done marketing before working here, I have never worked on a campaign before but I have found it useful and really exciting. It was challenging because it’s important to incorporate the company’s ethos into the campaign so it remains relevant and consistent.

I won’t say anymore about the campaign because it’s a surprise but it’s a real cracker of an idea.

I am really excited to help launch the campaign and develop it even further. There is nothing better than getting in the Christmas spirit!


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