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Social Media Takeover

Hello my name is Owen, and yes I am supposed to be here, everyone is fine. I’ll be looking after the Comedy Trust’s social media pages for this coming week.

I was on one of the youth comedy projects after the Comedy Trust came into my school and then continued on with the World War 1 project. I am currently on the new Feeling Funny Comedy Youth Club which takes place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Since my first ever session I have gained a new interest in performing comedy, specialising in Nan jokes, I have always been a huge admirer of comedy and (trying to) make people laugh is my hobby.

Today’s hot topic is should you ever have more than one carbs per meal? On one hand you can agree that there is no need to ever mix rice and pasta but on the other hand can you be a scouser without ever having a chip butty?


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