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Funny Business Training


Map of Merseyside - The Comedy Trust
Our Vision
To Create happier, healthier people through the power of laughter and comedy
Our Mission
Since 2002, The Comedy Trust have helped more than ten thousand people use humour to become happier and healthier

We empower participants to harness the positive power of humour in their daily lives to build resilience, create connections, boost confidence and develop alternative coping strategies. 

We value a healthy, creative and flexible work environment for staff, which respects diversity.

Our Aims:

  • To advocate the power of humour for positive mental wellbeing

  • To explore the evolving relationship between humour and health

  • To develop creativity, confidence and communication skills

Our Objectives:

  • To deliver high quality, year round programmes for all

  • Deliver an annual comedy festival in Liverpool that celebrates our work

  • To develop wellbeing projects in collaboration with other health agencies, organisations and businesses across the UK


Sam Avery (He/Him)

Artistic Director

Sam Avery is an award-winning stand-up comedian, bestselling author and viral blogger. In 2018 he embarked on his debut national tour, selling out venues across the UK and culminating in two nights at London's prestigious Leicester Square Theatre. For the last 16 years he's used comedy to create happier, healthier people as the Artistic Director of The Comedy Trust. Sam has led and delivered over 300 comedy programmes in a wide range of settings for all ages, backgrounds and requirements. This has included high profile clients such as Pepsi, Barclays, Walkers, United Utilities, O2, The North Festival and the International Festival of Business, along with participants from community centres, schools, day-centres and support groups. Participants have used programmes to help with confidence, despression and anxiety and learn how to use humour to have a positive effect on their lives


Cameron Jones (He/Him)

Community Outreach Practitioner & Project Manager of Feeling Funny Youth St Helens

Cameron first started stand up comedy at the age of 14 when he attended The Comedy Trust's Feeling Funny Course to help improve his confidence at school. Since then he has performed in venues across the North West and was runner up at the comedy store's King Gong at the age of 18. Since then he has achieved a BA Hon's Degree in Acting and and most recently an MA in Filmmaking from Sheffield Hallam University. He is interested in stories that are developed from real people and real experience. His sessions focus on using humour to combat difficult moments in life in an attempt to build resilience and spark important conversation... Have a laugh and make people think, that’s the plan!


Rosie Wilkinson

Community Outreach Practitioner, Boss Your Future Project Manager

Rosie is a freelance facilitator, director and improviser. Running improv company, Impropriety, for over a decade, she has directed and participated in improv shows around Liverpool, the UK and Canada. With Impropriety, she ran a series of workshops with young people in schools culminating in ‘Schools Improvageddon’ performed at The Unity Theatre. Outside of improv, she has directed theatre, from musicals to Shakespeare. A passionate believer in the importance of theatre and comedy in wider life, The Comedy Trust has been a brilliant chance to bring these skills to a wider community.


Vannessa Park (She/Her)

Community Outreach Practitioner

Vannessa is an actress and freelance practitioner who graduated with a degree in drama in 2015. Upon graduating she joined Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre Community and Education team. Throughout her time at the theatre she's gained over five years experience facilitating workshops for young people and helped to develop and organise annual main stage shows. She has performed in three tours of the production of Terriers nationwide in schools, prisons, community venues and PRU's. She is most passionate about helping young people engage in the arts, whether it be to perform, work in the industry or just to simply have a good time in turn helping them improve confidence and wellbeing.


Sarah Jones

Community Outreach Practitioner

Sarah is a youth arts facilitator, occasional actor and former stand-up comic based in Liverpool. Currently working with local organisations such as The Comedy Trust and Collective Encounters, Sarah is deeply passionate about using her experience and love for the arts to engage young people with their creativity and talents, enabling them to transform their mental health and self-esteem. Having graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts at Middlesex University in 2013, Sarah is currently studying for an MA in Theatre at the Guildford School of Acting.


Kate Tracey (She/Her)

Community Outreach Practitioner

Katie is a writer and comedian who has been performing for the last 9 years. She was runner up in the Funny Women Awards competition in 2012. Kate works alongside The Comedy Trust to deliver our Feeling Funny Mums programme and has noted it has been one of her best experiences. 


Rachel Coogan (She/Her)

Community Outreach Practitioner

Rachel is a creative, media professional with a wide range of experience, from teaching through to business development and project management. Alongside being a freelance practitioner for The Comedy Trust she works as a Training and Development Manager for mental health charity Chasing the Stigma and Head of Business Development for CIC Cogs Education. She's passionate about providing creative, interactive programmes for people in order to improve their mental health and help build resilience.


Rob Thomas (He/Him)

Community Outreach Practitioner



Paul Betney (He/Him)

Community Outreach Practitioner

Paul Betney is a qualified therapeutic counsellor that has over 15 years of experience performing stand up comedy. He has performed at venues in Japan and across the US as well as here in the UK. Living with Parkinson's Disease gives him a very special insight into how comedy can be used to help build confidence and improve mental health and well being. 


Zain Salim (He/Him)

Community Outreach Practitioner

Zain is an actor, movement director and arts practitioner with experience working in the community for over 10 years alongside Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre and Positive Impact. Zain is extremely passionate about engaging young people within the arts which is prevalent in his years of experience in youth work. His current roles include staring in Terriers, a professional touring play that raises awareness of gun and gang crime amongst secondary years and movement director for Boisterous Theatre Company, Liverpool's BAME theatre company.


Gillian Miller



Stacey lavery



Kevin Dunn



Carmel Morgan



Iain Christie



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