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International Weekend of Wellbeing

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12 - 4PM  | 21ST SEPTEMBER |  FREE


On September 21st 2019 the International Weekend of Wellbeing will come to Liverpool’s Royal Court theatre. The Courtyard will become an exciting hub for our Wellbeing Marketplace offering the chance to experience the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing followed by some kid friendly comedy with Gav Cross’s Twisted Tales for Terrible Children.

For a full hit of active wellbeing take a stationary ride on our bicycle-powered smoothie machine to get your endorphins and your juices flowing! Twist your own melon at the comedy hypnosis booth and sample the delights of our healthy lunch menu.

Chill out afterwards in our virtual reality meditation chamber, and for a quick fix of big laughs, The World’s Smallest Comedy Club is sure to tickle your fancy. We will also be welcoming those that sign up for free tickets to the Royal Court theatre. You will be guided to our art deco studio comedy club for some handpicked comedians.

Join the critically acclaimed Liam Hale for something gastronomic and deliciously funny. Enter a resting state with the award winning comedian Top Joe and his hilarious spiritual conference. Top Joe will be followed by the soothing sounds of our free sound bath; here you will have the opportunity to bathe in the meditative sound of singing bowls. All of these shows are free and we would recommend booking tickets in advance.

What else is on?!

Comedy Festival Choir

Pop Up, 21st September, The Courtyard at Liverpool’s Royal Court, Free

A special comedy edition of the Liverpool Royal Court Community Choir will be popping up to lift the spirits of Liverpool at different locations in September. This 80 strong group will be singing to spread some happiness with songs that are sure to raise a smile, serotonin levels and some major octaves! Who knows where they’ll turn up to tickle your fancy? Those attending our free International Weekend of Wellbeing on Saturday 21st September will be sure to catch our musical ensemble of mirth!


World’s Smallest Comedy Club

Pop Up, 21st September, The Courtyard at Liverpool’s Royal Court, Free

Venture into the World’s Smallest Comedy Club for a 3 minute blast of laughs in a 4 seat tent. We have booked some of the best comedians on the circuit and we only have front row seats! You never know who might pop up to give you a case of the giggles in the worlds’ most intimate comedy club setting. Find us at Liverpool One on Friday 20th September and at Liverpool’s Royal Court for the International Weekend of Wellbeing on Saturday 21st September.

This is a free event. However, some of the festival experiences such as the sound bath and the comedy shows will require you to book your place in advance. 


Danny Bradley's Comedy Hypnosis
2 - 4pm, 21st September, The Courtyard at Liverpool's Royal Court, Free

Stay-Awake Hypnosis is a guided meditation which attempts to prevent it's listeners from relaxing by unsettling them with disturbing and worrying thoughts. The rationale is simple; 2019 is a year of serenity. Things are going TOO well, if anything. We are too relaxed and happy. Countless online meditations exist to ease the cluttered rackets of our minds. To redress the balance, this guided meditation will keep you up at night with thoughts of doom, personal failure and catastrophe. Your ability to find contentment and internal peace will be capsized with a very real and burdensome dread. Never rest easy again. You're welcome. 



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