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Laughing Matters is a project that was established as part of a new social enterprise at the University of Nottingham in 2012 that aimed to link the positivity and joy comedy can bring to individuals who are facing issues or problems in their lives. In particular the work catered for individuals who are suffering / have suffered substance abuse.

The Comedy Trust worked alongside this organisation to deliver life changing workshops to five different groups based in Nottingham and Edinburgh who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse. The workshops ran 1 - 2 hour in length and focused on improving confidence, self-esteem and personal skills. 

The aim of the sessions were to help increase confidence and self-esteem using comedy. Taking part in a new activity can be part of the process of facing and meeting small challenges; small steps that result in facing bigger challenges in people’s lives.

We were also part of the exciting fundraising night based in the Theatre Royal in Nottingham that featured the funny likes of Harry Hill, Tony Law, Paul Foot and Piff the Magic Dragon!




“To anyone who thinks it’s not something they could ever do I say: “Definitely do it.” I learnt that yes, there was a stand-up comedian inside of me yearning to break free. Be kind to your inner stand-up comedian and give him the chance he needs to burst forth. You’ll be glad you did."

Addiction Recovery Service User - Sep 2013

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