"The reassurance that all the young people gained from the experience restored some of their lost self-confidence and self-worth. They began to believe in themselves again” 

Feeling Funny: Youth

Feeling Funny:



Open to:  11 - 18 year olds

Price: £175 (1 hour) £350 (2 hours) £1,800 (7 weeks)
**Free and discounted rates for schools based in the Liverpool City Region**
Please note prices may vary dependent on location

Are you feeling funny?


Our Feeling Funny Youth programme is a mental health support programme with a twist. We use comedy, laughter and humour as tools to help support and nurture young people’s emotional and social wellbeing.


The programme is comprised of a series of different workshops to help young people develop and sustain the skills required to attain positive mental health and wellbeing which include:

  • Seven week comedy programmes that culminate in a performance in front of family and friends

  • One off interactive ‘Well Funny’ workshops that teach the importance of play, laughter and humour in our lives to tackle stress and anxious thoughts and feelings

  • A free bi-monthly comedy youth club comprised of comedy workshops, masterclasses and personal and professional development opportunities

  • Quarterly Feeling Funny steering committee

  • Youth led Liverpool Comedy Festival showcase event (linked to our Feeling Funny Comedy Youth Club)

The overall aims of the programme are to:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhance communication skills to help with discussing difficult to access topics such as mental health

  • Improve and build relationships and new friendships

  • Provide an alternative support mechanism to cope with difficult and stressful situations

  • To provide young people with a chance to have fun, be silly and instill happiness and laughter into their lives

  • Increase awareness of taking care of your mental health and using forms of support such as humour to tackle low mood

** We would like to thank the Liverpool One Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation for making the Feeling Funny Youth programme a possibility. Without their funding we would have been unable to branch our and extend our mental health offer to young people across Merseyside**


FEELING FUNNY YOUTH CLUB: Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool | 5 - 7pm

The Feeling Funny Youth Club is free to access, open to ages 11 - 18. Workshop sessions will enable young people to learn a range of skills linked within the comedy industry, take part in industry masterclasses, create their own artistic content and curate their very own Liverpool Comedy Festival showcase. 

8th of January
22nd of January
5th of February
19th of February
4th of March
18th of March
1st of April
15th of April
6th of May
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3rd of June
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1st of July
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5th of August
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16th of September
7th of October
21st of October
4th of November
18th of November
2nd of December  

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"The course has taught me to always have faith in myself. Sam made us feel so confident and welcomed and the comedy feel makes you just feel so welcomed”

Freya | Stand Out Graduate | Deyes High School


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