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'Creating Happier, Healthier People'
through the use of laughter, humour and comedy since 2002

Our mission is continually striving to 'Create Happier, Healthier People' through the platform of comedy and humour and here's why...

Since 2002 The Comedy Trust have created numerous programmes that are delivered to the community, businesses, education and mental health and well-being sector

We've supported over 15,000 people over the past 20 years, click here to find out what they thought about their time with us...

The Comedy Trust run Liverpool's annual Comedy Festival every September and for two weeks the UK's funniest city becomes the funniest city on the planet!

Your donation can help us continue the groundbreaking work we deliver in the community, education and mental health and well-being sector.

     WHY COMEDY?    


Is a universal language, it breaks down barriers. It's well known to reduce our stress levels, diffuse difficult situations such as conflict, release endorphins to improve mood, improve our memory and also learning. 


of all participants who have taken part in our programmes since 2002 have highlighted an increase in mood, confidence and connections with others.

Coping Mechanisms

A recent poll carried out by Comic Relief found that over 3 quarters of Brits claimed they relied on humour to help them through the pandemic.


have also highlighted multiple emotional and phyical benefits of encorporating more humour in our lives. We are currently working alongside Liverpool Hope University to explore this further


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