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Liverpool Comedy Festival Crowd


Sponsorship is a fantastic way to support The Comedy Trust whilst promoting your business. Sponsoring the organisation will allow you to position yourself in the public eye and communicate  with  highly desirable and targeted audiences in a unique environment. 

In our 20th year of operations the organisation runs workshop programmes, performances and events throughout the year engaging with diverse communities, businesses and in public sector and health sector settings. This includes our 2 week long Liverpool Comedy Festival, annual celebration of happiness, Doddy Day and public performances taking place all over the North West. We've grown in size and stature since 2002 and are now one of the most respected comedy events and charities in the UK. Our regional reputation has risen remarkably since 2002 with audiences growing in number each year.

Supporters of the organisation are promoted at each of our events including on site branding, highlighted on stage and communicated in all press and publications, prior and post events and courses. 

Are you looking to expand your profile and support an organisation inspiring change towards happier, healthier people across the UK? 

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Sponsor a Community Outreach Course or Workshop: Interested in supporting one of our community outreach programmes? How about looking to fund work in your area with a particular cohort? You can pledge your support through the cost of a course or workshop. 

  • Advertise at Doddy Day: Doddy Day is an annual celebration of happiness that features a range of workshops, online and physical events all promoted via local and national press. Looking to promote the key message of Happiness in your organisation? Support Doddy Day today. 

  • Support a Performance: We host performances alongside partners across the year including businesses, large charities and community organisations. Feature your business at these events through online marketing and branding throughout the event space.

  • Invest In Ground-breaking Research: We are currently partners with Liverpool Hope University to explore the power of comedy in creating positive change in society. Interested in being featured in our online publications, book chapters and at conferences?  Support us in inspiring change through comedy  by sponsoring our research branch today...

If you would like further information regarding sponsorship, pricing and packages fill in our enquiry form below.

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