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Dealing With Nerves Through Stephen Fry Wisdom

I'm sure a lot of people while they were students, particularly if you studied an arts degree, had multiple jobs. Or various projects where you're constantly running around in a tizzy trying to catch your tail. When you do find yourself with a 4 hour journey it's bliss for getting stuff written. I couldn't wait for my journey to Middlesbrough because for some reason I always end up writing quite painlessly on the train. However, I hadn't factored in that travelling late on a Saturday night after work would obviously mean getting the drunk train, through York. If you’ve never been on the drunk train you really haven’t lived. I’m too young to have attended the Hacienda, but when I board that t

Three Men Walk Into A Bar

I missed last week due to tonsillitis. The really good kind the doctor won’t give you anything for. Hot drinks and rest is the beacon of wisdom I got. Fantastically helpful when swallowing your own spit is a victory and you’ve dreamt of little other than salt and pepper chips for nearly a week. That two hour wait in the walk-in centre was certainly worth it. I’d have loved a doctor’s appointment of course but the next available one was in 2032. Unless it was an emergency. In which case, they’d suggest calling an ambulance. Brilliant. But here I am. Raspy but alive. Delighted because week three of the comedy course was absolutely wonderful. I was not prepared. I had just about returned to a f

The Sit Down Comedian

‘God I’m so nervous, keep wondering what I’m doing here’ said the nice stranger sat near me waiting to start comedy school. Instantly that put me at ease. We’re all in the same boat and probably all a little bit shit. Soon after, the nice stranger gets up to introduce himself, and delivers what could only be described as ten quite brilliant minutes. My minutes didn’t come anywhere near brilliant. And certainly no where near ten. Doubt it was even a full minute but who knows. It’s hard to count and breathe when you’re standing in front of a group that want to know your name of all things. I’ll start from the beginning I suppose. It all started off very well with cups of tea and idle chit

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