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Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 7

"This week has seen me bring the skills that I have gained throughout my internship and start to put them into practice. This is what I

Improvisation and Its' Benefits

"Improvisation is when something is created spontaneously or in the moment. Lots of people steer clear of improvisation as they are afr

My City....

"Most audiences come along expecting to force themselves to laugh but they leave having been genuinely enthralled and entertained by th

Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 6

"I am now halfway through my internship and really happy with the amount of skills that I am picking up each week. There is always some

World Kindness Day

"Comedy is a great tool to channel that kindness and help with confidence and communication as well. It can help inspire those who hear

Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 5

"This week has seen me get back to my usual routine as I begin to reach the halfway point of my internship. This is what I have been ge

Fundraise with The Comedy Trust!

"Not only did it teach me some amazing skills, it also gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me to conquer my own anxiety with pub

National Stress Awareness Day

"Today is National Stress Awareness Day. No doubt this is a day that most people (if not everyone) can relate to at some point in their

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