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"The course has given me an experience I never thought I would have in my life which I’m really grateful for"




Open to:  Aged 18 +
When: Please note that due to limited funding at this moment in time there are no Feeling Funny courses or workshops running, however if you are interested in attending any future programmes please get in touch and we can add your details to our waiting list. 

Laughter is the best medicine or at least that’s what they say!

If you want to test out the theory and fancy having a go at stand-up comedy then our Feeling Funny course might be just the thing for you…

Over six weekly sessions, our professional community comedy practitioners will teach you the skills to write and perform your own comedy routine which will then culminate in a final showcase performance in front of a live audience.


These unique comedy courses have been designed to give you an opportunity to tackle the subject of mental health in a light hearted way and in the process will help to improve your mental well-being.  

  • Are you looking to increase your confidence and communication skills?

  • Want to help break down the stigma of mental illness? 

  • Fancy being part of a social group where you can meet new people in a friendly and non-judgemental setting? 

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