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Doddy Day Birthday Wish

Today we are wishing comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd a doddy day happy birthday, in honour of this special day one of our fantastic Feeling Funny Club members Mark has written as guest blog, take a gander:

Like many people, I was fortunate to see Ken perform on a couple of occasions and in different scenarios.

I first saw him live when I was at university. I was in the audience for what might have been his earliest ever finish - 12.30am. As I was leaving the the Barnsley Civic theatre after the show and walking in the snow to the taxi rank, I thought what a glorious summer’s night this is.

Then, in my professional life, I listened intently to every word he said as he spoke with pride about being from Liverpool, and what it meant to him, during David Lord Alton’s Citizenship series of speeches.

When I was a teenager, Sir Ken was the after-dinner speaker for a function at the Golf Club where my dad was Captain’s Manager that year. As part of the organising team, the pair of them were in charge of making sure Ken was ok. Afterward, when he was being thanked in the changing room, he was still doing his jokes – as if to give a private performance. My mum, who also went, was starting to worry about getting home in time to get me and my siblings up in time for school, as he carried on until 3.30am.

After going up to Heaven, he probably went straight see his comedy heroes – and several of his peers – and started regaling them with his jokes. In fact, he’s probably still doing it now whilst everyone is sat there, cross-legged, waiting to go to the toilet saying “it’s been two-and-a-half years. When is he going to stop?”

Finally, thanks to Doddy, I’ve created my own personal motto. Cash only.

Sir Ken Dodd. Never to be forgotten. Happy birthday.


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