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"It also gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me to conquer my own anxiety with public speaking"







Open to:  Up to 12 participants per programme

Price: Please enquire for pricing

This Isn't your ordinary fundraising event...
Raising funds shouldn't just be a requirement it should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience too!


Fundraising with a difference..​Are you looking to raise funds for your charity/chosen charity? Don’t worry we have you covered with our bespoke fundraising programme.

So what does this programme do?

We work with participants for over 5 weeks to help them put together their very own stand-up comedy routines. Sessions will be led by a professional comedian mentor and last for 2 hours. Your last session will act as a two-hour rehearsal period ready for the show on the same day. To ensure each participant receives the best guidance and support within each session there’s a maximum of 10 participants per programme.

How do we raise funding through this?

By paying a set fee for us to work alongside your staff or volunteers you can raise funds through the sponsorship of individuals (similar to a sponsored run model etc.), sponsorship of the event, raffles, auctions and ticket sales on the night of the event. 

Why should you fund-raise with us?

With our fundraising model you can not only generate income for your organisation but also reward the volunteers who take part in this programme. 

Being a charity ourselves we understand and value the ground-breaking impact charitable organisations provide in this country, this is why fundraising with us will enable and provide you with:

  • The highest quality workshops tailored to your requirements to create a successful, exciting show

  • Give back to your staff / volunteers - being a part of this programme allows participants to broaden their skill-set, improve their confidence and self-esteem whilst trying something out of the ordinary raising money for a worthwhile cause

  • Boost the profile of your organisation - we will further promote your organisation and mission throughout the duration of this course 

  • A great alternative - we all know of sponsored marathons; bike rises or sky divers. Try something out of the ordinary yet exciting and just as nerve wracking as this course helps you stand out from the rest!​



For more information regarding our fundraising programme please get in touch  today by emailing us or calling our office on 0151 702 5893

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Fundraise With Us

"If you have ever considered the possibility of stand-up comedy, I would say this course is for you. Not only did it teach me some amazing skills, it also gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me to conquer my own anxiety with public speaking.  It is also great fun and amazingly cathartic." 

Donna Costello | Volunteer | Wirral Mencap

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