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World Mental Health Day 2017

It's World Mental Health Day 2017! But what exactly is it?

World Mental Health Day was established by the World Health Organisation designed to provide an opportunity for all bodies working towards improving mental health issues to not just talk about their work but raise awareness, increase conversations on what needs to be done to improve mental health care and perceptions and overall improve mental well-being worldwide. This year's theme focuses on Workplace Well-being.

With one if four people with diagnosed mental illness in the UK alone it is no surprise the impact poor mental well-being and lack of understanding on the matter can effect an organisation, One in three work sickness notes are handed out yearly by GP's for mental health and reports have followed identifying that over 60% of employees experience symptoms of poor mental health related to work but fewer than one if four managers have received any training to deal with these issues.

Every year we see amazing progress improving mental well-being and the increase of conversations surrounding the topic, this year is no exception.

The Comedy Trust are working towards changing attitudes surrounding workplace well-being by introducing courses into organisations to 'Create Happier, Healthier Workplaces', are you interested in improving your workplace wellbeing? In need of some training to improve staff morale? Look no further....

Most recently we've worked alongside North West staff from HMRC and the lovely folk at Merseytravel running 6 week long courses to improve staff wellbeing, the course also enables employees to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness through a performance at the end of the course.

To book please get in touch today - | 0151 702 5893


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