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Andy tried his hand at Stand-Up on our Comedy Course for Beginners..

Comedy Course for Beginners - September / October 2016

I met Sam Avery on a Chamber of Commence ’60 really useful minutes’ networking event earlier in the year. He gave an engaging and funny talk about using humour in presentations and after the event we met up for a coffee. Sam told me about the Comedy Trust and the fantastic work the charity does with communities, tackling mental health, working with young people and even providing support for the corporate world.

When he told me about their ‘comedy course for beginners’ based in Liverpool a seed was very firmly planted! Within a few months I had signed up to the programme, paid my money and committed to five minutes of comedy madness on 17th Oct 2016! There was no going back!

The course was brilliant! It brought a diverse group of individuals together with one single aim; to perform a five minute stand up routine to an audience at one of Liverpool’s best comedy venue’s on the Albert Dock.

Sam has a great talent for bringing out the funny in people and led the workshop each week with his calm, encouraging and funny style. The ‘comedy night’ evening was nerve wracking but immensely enjoyable. I never imaged people would laugh at the ‘stuff’ I was going to spout on stage…but they did (it was the same for all of us)…what an amazing experience!

If you want to stretch yourself and learn some unique skills then have a look at the Comedy Trust course… you will not be disappointed!

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Unknown member
Jul 16, 2022

Loved reading this thannk you

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