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What happens when David Bowie meets Tracy Beaker in your Nan's shed?

What happens when David Bowie meets Tracy Beaker in your Nan's shed?

Well, they play hockey, obviously? We kicked off the feeling funny comedy club this week by starting as we mean to go on, as silly as possible. Fuelled by chocolate digestives and Vimto we dived head first into improvisational games that seemingly, meant nothing at all, and before we knew it the Queen was in a bath with Louis Theroux playing Poker. Playing games and exploring silly scenarios like the aforementioned hockey match between two of greatest icons this country has ever produced (I wonder who won?), was the basis of our first session at Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool City Centre this week! But what if I want to get involved and missed the first session, will I be accepted by the group or cast aside faster than you can say 1-10 to Tracy Beaker? Well of course you can join at any time! This week, after being super silly, we started to write some material working towards creating a comedy show of our own. If you think you’d like to write, organise, perform or even film some comedy then this club is the place for you, oh, and did I mention the digestives? Come along on the 20th of February for the next session and make some new friends, eat some biscuits and most importantly, have a laugh! Get your 11-18 year olds down to the next session and we’ll see you there! Oh, and Tracy Beaker won of course, she was 2-1 down at half time but subbed Elaine the Pain on and she scored a last-minute screamer, Bowie was combing his hair in the mirror at the time. See you there!

Cameron Workshop Leader


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