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Spoons, Spoons… Spoons.

Did you know if you say spoons three times in the mirror one appears next to you in the middle of the night? That’s a true story AND when it happens, you can actually get spooned by a spoon. I know, spoonception.

Comedy is weird and a lot like food, we all have different tastes. This week we focused on stand-up comedy. As we start to get to know each other more, we are starting to figure out what really makes us laugh as individuals and most importantly what our point of view is, our comedic outlook. At the club we all have different outlooks on life, inevitably that makes for a spicy concoction of jokes that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it makes us laugh, then it’s funny, and you can’t tell us otherwise! As we work towards a sharing of the material that we have been building on in the sessions, we are starting to decide what jokes really take the biscuit and will make the way into our final performance. Our idea is to be individual, stay true to ourselves, like a selfish barbecue, only make what we like and if you’re a vegetarian then you can bring your own. Does that make sense? Have I got enough food and drink references in this blog yet? What I’m really saying is, there’s something for everyone in our show and we’re only at the start of what’s already been a really fun process of creating our own work! So I’ll see you at the selfish barbecue in September if you’re coming to watch and if you’re itching to make your own burger, come on down to the club every first and third Wednesday of each month and we’ll sort you out. Thanks Cameron Workshop leader and Local Legend.

*DISCLAIMER* the BBQ is a metaphor and only jokes will be served at the session, no grilled meat.



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