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#HAPPINESS in thanks to our NHS

Happy Monday everyone! We've been working in association with the fantastic Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation and Liverpool's Royal Court to help shine some positivity and happiness this Easter Monday. Want to find out more? Read on...

Like us all, the late Sir Ken Dodd was a huge fan and supporter of the NHS, now his widow Lady Anne Dodd is joined by ‘Scouse royalty’ Ricky Tomlinson to pay a warm, joy-filled tribute to the nation’s NHS workers for their brave efforts to keep us all safe from the Covid-19 virus. Together they’ve created a “People’s Tribute” song to say thanks to the NHS and bring a little light-hearted relief to the nation

The pair have brought together an authentic army of Liverpool singers to raise a smile for the nation with a heart-felt version of Doddy’s signature-tune with his chart hit “Happiness”. Joining the lock-down tribute are dozens of nurses alongside ordinary families and home- trapped singers as well as some of Liverpool’s home-grown stars, including Rick Astley, Glenda Jackson, Jimmy Tarbuck, Shirley Ballas, Les Dennis, Claire Sweeney, Ian Hart, Sunetra Sarker, Garry Christian from The Christians and T’Pau’s Carol Decker plus Liverpool football legend Mark Lawrenson.

“Ken would have loved the idea of cheering up everyone across the nation by singing together his Happiness song” said Lady Anne. We just thought how lovely it would be to share a smile and some joy with everyone of all backgrounds and ages because right now we all need a bit of joy and singing is the way to do it!”

The Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson, who’s filmed singing in his bath, said: “We saw Madonna in her bath having a go, so we thought it’s time we did an authentic Scouse song to get the nation smiling again and say a huge thank-you to all our amazing NHS staff.”

“Happiness is a song that brings people together and makes all of us realise how lucky we are to be alive,” said Lady Anne. “We all need more laughter and joy in our lives and we hope Happiness can bring a smile to the world.”

It was the late Eric Sykes who used to say Ken’s shows should be prescribed on the NHS because a good laugh made people feel better. That is also the mission of The Comedy Trust, to create happier, healthier people through the power of laughter and this viral “Happiness” is simply about spreading some positivity in unsettling times.

The 3-minute Happiness video is now LIVE on all of our social media sites, tune in, sing along and help us share the #happiness !!