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Week Twelve & Thirteen


Hello everyone,

Today I got busy with social media posts and blog writing.

I wrote a Chuckle Tuesday blog post named 'Bad Day? We Have Good News' to find out what that news was you can click here!

I also helped to redesign The Comedy Trust's mail out. Now the new fortnightly email newsletter will entail exciting and entertaining sections such as a 'Read It' and 'Watch It' which directs you to a hilarious read and a funny video to watch to liven up your Tuesday!


The following week I set out to pick a winner for our Epstein competition, in which the winner received two free tickets to The Tommy Cooper Show after signing up to our mailing list. This was a great idea to increase the number of people subscribed to our mailing list by offering a prize that people would really enjoy! I used Microsoft Excel to help randomly allocate a winner from the list of people who had signed up to the mailing list. After the winner had been chosen I was able to put it out on social media and contact them with further details. I also designed a story board for our corporate video with MerseyTravel so that I had a clear idea what the video should entail and in what order. I used Abode Premiere Pro to begin creating this video.


The following day our newly designed mail out released to our subscribers so I had to invent a catchy and interesting subject line which would get our subscribers to find out more. It will be great to evaluate how successful this new mail out will be in terms of click rates after it has been sent out.

Furthermore, I also checked over the Liverpool Comedy Festival's 2017 brochure. I went through and made sure all the shows were in the brochure with the correct dates, times, venues and prices. I also went through to spell check and grammar.



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