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Week Six - Directing

It has been very busy and exciting in The Comedy Trust headquarters this week!

If you haven’t already heard, The Comedy Trust have recently celebrated their 15th anniversary! To mark the occasion me and Charlene have started to put together a content video, which will showcase all those who have been part of the The Comedy Trust, past and present! The video will showcase the words of participants, because without them The Comedy Trust would not be what it is today. When complete, the video will be shown on The Comedy Trust’s new and exciting website!

I think the video is a great idea because it has the ability to demonstrate the work behind the Trust and how it has the amazing ability to change people’s lives. We set up a creative space where past participants came along and were asked questions while being filmed. It was helpful for me to be asking the questions and conversing with the participants, because I felt I was able to ask genuine questions about The Comedy Trust

and what the courses entail. In all honesty, I was quite nervous to begin with but as we got stuck in it became easier to ask questions and prod more information out of people – not like a interrogation or anything!

I am really exciting to continue working on this project and cannot wait to see the final outcome! If any past participants are interested in being filmed please get in touch and email




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