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Nikki's Blog! Internship - Week 5

Knowing that I was going to be off last week and seeing that November 2nd was National Stress Awareness Day, I wrote a blog post in preparation. This week has seen me get back to my usual routine as I begin to reach the halfway point of my internship. This is what I have been getting up to this week:

Day 9 – November 10th

I looked on Twitter to see which hashtags were trending. Seeing that #ThursdayThoughts was trending, I thought it would be a good idea to publish a series of tweets accompanied with the hashtag. I began by collecting quotes about comedy by celebrities and comedians such as Emma Stone and Amy Poehler. This created traffic on our Twitter feed as the hashtags and quotes were making people click onto our page.

I also wrote a blog post called ‘Comedy and Laughter’ which looked at the benefits of comedy and laughter and how they can help our physical and mental health. I also incorporated information about The Comedy Trust and tied in how the work that they do coincides with these benefits. To coincide with this blog post, I tweeted some of the benefits as separate tweets using the #ThursdayThoughts hashtag to generate more awareness.

Day 10 – November 11th

I began today by looking at the Twitter trending hashtags and saw that #FridayFeeling was a popular choice. I tweeted a funny GIF to generate some traffic.

I then edited the ‘Comedy and Laughter’ blog post and published it on our Twitter sites and the Facebook pages, using appropriate hashtags to get as much traffic as we can. After doing this, I worked on another blog post on ‘Improvisation and its Benefits’. Working on the information from yesterday’s blog, I wanted to be more specific and delve into a particular type of comedy. Improvisation is something that The Comedy Trust helps people to improve and thus I was able to incorporate their ‘Comedy Course for Beginners’ information into the post.

This week has taught me about being aware of what is trending as well as how important it is to network and getting the blog posts noticed on social media. I have also learned more about the skills that the courses at The Comedy Trust teach and the benefits that come with them.


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