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Nikki's Blog! Intership - Week 8

This week has been a very busy one as Christmas is right around the corner and it’s important to be prepared and schedule all the marketing for the next few weeks. Here’s what I got up to:

Day 15 – December 1st

After preparing for the Christmas Campaign last week, today was all about going out and getting footage from people. We are hoping to launch the campaign next week so I cannot reveal too much but we had a blast engaging with the public and getting the footage we needed. It was challenging initially as finding people to take part was quite difficult but once we got into the swing of things, it was easy to build the rapport with people and let them know about the charity. It was really nice to hear about the people’s lives as well and what makes them laugh and the importance of humour in their lives.

After gathering the footage, we returned to the office and I worked on the social media sites and promoted previous blog posts such as our Comedy Course for Beginners. I then thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post on ‘Comedy at Christmas’ since it is the 1st December. I found that writing the blog will be a great intro to next week’s blog when I talk about the Christmas Campaign in more detail. Making sure that all the posts are relevant to trending hashtags and also in the Christmas spirit is very important as it means that the social media sites will gain more traffic. There was a lot of response to the posts today.

Day 16 – December 2nd

Today was all about editing the footage that I have filmed yesterday. After sorting out our mailing lists, I loaded the footage onto the computer and began to cut and edit the video. I had filmed 5 different clips; however, the sound of one is drowned out by traffic so I cannot use it but other than this, I was really happy with the other clips. I placed the clips together and cut the clips down so the video overall will not be very long. The important part about the Christmas Campaign video is that it should be short and snappy. People are more likely to engage with the content if we show an array of different people rather than focusing on one person for a long period of time. I am hoping to complete the editing next week so we can launch the video alongside the Campaign.

I then showed Sam my finished video for the ‘Well Funny’ workshop and watching it back, we both agreed that some final details needed refining and changing. I have made the changes and I just need to finish resetting the volume which I will do next week.

I have found myself getting quicker when it comes to editing videos and although I still need a bit of help on certain aspects such as cutting the audio and resetting the volume, I am feeling more confident with the software.

I am really happy with my progress on video editing and in my internship overall. I am becoming more confident in all the tasks that I am doing and I am looking forward to launching the Christmas Campaign next week and releasing the ‘Well Funny’ workshop video.


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