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My Time at The Comedy Trust

I recently finished a three-month marketing internship at The Comedy Trust and it was a really fulfilling and worthwhile experience. I had never done anything related to marketing or PR at all and wanted to try something new. I was very nervous when I started but the team were so welcoming and allowed me to learn at my own pace without any pressure.

Being able to upload content to the blog boosted my confidence in writing as well as informing me on many issues regarding the stigma surrounding mental illness. Another valuable aspect from writing the blog posts was reading about different conditions and finding out a lot of things that I didn’t know.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed during my internship was learning how to shoot and edit a film. This is something that I have been really interested in but I have never had a chance to do before. Helping on the Christmas Campaign was a really rewarding experience and seeing the positive response we garnered was amazing.

“Working for The Comedy Trust allows you to excel at skills you already have and learn new skills in an open and friendly environment. I have learned so much through my internship and feel much more informed on mental illness.”

As part of my internship, I was also given the chance to attend a few workshops to see The Comedy Trust’s work first-hand. Being able to see how comedy can help break barriers and allow people of all demographics to express themselves and give their point of view was wonderful and really touching.

Overall, this internship has been incredibly inspiring and I am really thankful that Sam gave me the opportunity to work for such an incredible charity that does so much to help people improve their confidence and well-being.


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