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The Comedy Trust's Quarantine Study Club | Sound, Camera, Action!

It's Monday and that means it's time for our last instalment of our Comedy Writing Challenge, part 3 of 3! Where has the time gone?! Last week we challenged you to create your own shadow puppet theatre to stage your comedy stories, how did you all get on? Well this week we'll be looking at adding some pizzazz to your home made theatres by complimenting them with sound!

Watch our latest video as Jen from Rushton Futures takes on our Comedy Writing Challenge. Steps of how to add and create your own sounds can be found on our infographic below. From today we'll be accepting submissions of your stories via email or our social media sites to showcase in our premier on the 13th of April! Submit to or online by tagging us in your videos or sending them directly to The Comedy Trust accounts @thecomedytrust #FeelingFunny



With thanks to our youth practitioner Cameron we will be releasing a series of Comedy Trust Quarantine Study Club workshops via social media.

Every Monday and Thursday we will be releasing a series of workshops that will ultimately work towards an end goal of your very own performance / creation. We'd love to see what you're working on and your end results so we will also be hosting showcase days to celebrate your work and encourage laughter and positivity through this difficult time.


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