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The Comedy Trust's New Intern

I’ve just started my internship in marketing with The Comedy Trust this week. You know you’re in a good workplace when real office people offer to make the intern a cup of tea. It’s a bit like that feeling you get when the lady in your local Tesco gives you a free carrier bag, but even better! Ice breakers can be intimidating in a new job but tea melts away any invisible boundaries you thought existed. I’ve had such an insightful week delving further into research on mental health and comedy. Since I’ve grown up and started thinking a bit more about the world around me, I’ve thought the latter could assist the former. It’s nice in more recent years that all the science-y bit has been done and people are starting to respond to that idea too. I love the ethos of this organisation and am so happy when I read testimonials of the people that have been helped from getting involved with TCT. I have a lot to learn about the world of marketing from my mentors, but I am very excited to get started and be a part of the team. Thanks for reading :) Laura x


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