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World Kindness Day

Today, we are celebrating World Kindness Day. It is a day that is committed to carrying out good deed and putting a smile on someone’s face. Acts of kindness have been proven to provide warmth and positivity to both parties involved.

Here are some facts about kindness that you may not know:

- Acts of kindness are great for your mental health as they can significantly reduce anxiety levels as well as produce endorphins.

- Kindness can also help during times of depression and create positive social interactions.

- Even witnessing an act of kindness is good for you as it can lower blood pressure and help your heart through the oxytocins which are produced.

Overall, acts of kindness are not only important for spreading happiness but they also are great for improving confidence, communication and well-being. Kindness helps improve social skills. There are many ways in which you can carry out an act of kindness. It could be through a more traditional route such as volunteering or giving a gift to someone who deserves it. It has been proven that those who volunteer lead happier lives.

A more quirky method is through comedy. Comedy is a great tool to channel that kindness and help with confidence and communication as well. It can help inspire those who hear it and if you have a positive routine where you talk about positive things that can happen to you, then that will have similar effects that a more traditional route will have. The Comedy Trust uses the medium of stand-up to give people the chance to express their own experiences and letting their own stories be heard.


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