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Improving presentations through comedy..

Funny Business – Presentation Skills Workshop – November 2016

Catherine is a business student at Liverpool Hope University, she’s kindly written a blog post about her time on our presentation skills workshop:

I opted to attend this course as I find standing up in class to do presentations really nerve wracking. I really didn’t know what to expect from the course, and I was very apprehensive heading into the room. I need not have worried! The course was presented by Sam Avery, an extremely funny comedian. He made everybody feel at ease from the minute they walked through the door. Greeting everybody and chatting in a very friendly manner. This set the scene for the rest of the afternoon, as the course was run professionally but with no pressure whatsoever.

Everybody felt at ease and we all stood up and took part in the activities, without anybody feeling out of place, or stupid. Sam was excellent, everything he said made sense, and his message was just be yourself. Which is a really key point, as that is exactly what people want to see when you are presenting.

Sam explained the importance of the preparation for your presentation. Breaking it down into small steps, but carefully researching your subject. Then finally actually standing confidently in front of your audience and doing your fantastic presentation, as yourself.

I would be happy for this course to be compulsory as I felt that it was so worthwhile.

Thank you Sam for presenting and Carol for organising.


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